Hello Lazies.

I was skimming the internet, looking for interesting articles to put on issue 6, when I came across Jason Concepcion’s article from ‘The Ringer’ asking the question: Are we finally catching up to Magic Johnson?

Magic Johnson? Why, the hell, are we catching him? The answer falls upon a young man named Ben Simmons from the Philadelphia 76ers. There is no way that I can tell you ‘why’ with the real-estate I have given myself in this newsletter. That is why, in true lazy fashion, I will leave it up to Jason’s article to fill in that gap.

I will add that last week, former NBA sharpshooter Tim Legler, remarked that Simmons’ game is parallel to that of a couple of all-time greats:

“I can only think of a couple guys that have ever played that have his [Ben Simmons] sort of size with the combination of speed, handle and vision to go along with it. Magic [Johnson] and LeBron [James] are the only two guys that come to mind that have that kind of speed up the floor, handle, ability to get where they want with the handle in either direction, and then the vision and ability to put the ball on a rope to people. He’s a special talent, man, he’s a weapon.”

Catch you Monday.