Hello Lazies.

The NBA Draft Lottery was in full effect on Tuesday night and the whole process is quite comical when you think about it. A number of organizations, set within a multibillion-dollar business, have there destinies set from a bunch of ping-pong balls bouncing around in a wind machine. As entertaining as it always is, there has to be winners and losers.

Celtics and Lakers fans were delighted from securing the 1st and 2nd picks. The Sixers ended up with the 3rd pick, courtesy of the pick swap with the Kings, who will now pick 5th. The Suns got bumped down two spots to 4th, while the Magic, Wolves, and Knicks are slotted 6th through to 8th. The remainder of the draft stayed as expected, with the Mavs, Kings, Hornets, Pistons, Nuggets and Heat finishing up with 9th through to 14th.

The Celtics owner wants to keep the No. 1 pick, but rumors are flying around, pushing them to trade it for a superstar. Boston could ether draft another point guard, or trade the pick for an All-Star. The decision isn’t as easy as it seems.

Catch you Monday.