Hello Lazies.

LeBron James doesn’t get better in the Playoffs. He’s always this good. The Cleveland Cavaliers superstar always seems to have the ability, when needed, to flip a switch in the Playoffs and instantly perform at a higher level. It was certainly obvious last year, and it looks like the ‘LeBron trend’ is following into this year too. Has this been his golden basketball career tactic?

Let’s put that statement into perspective. Over the course of his career, he’s pretty much played the same in playoffs as we’d expect from his regular-season stats. But James is so damn good, just maintaining his remarkable regular-season numbers, is a feat by itself – and something many other stars (past and present) have never been able to do.

To add to this, we are witnessing, at worst case scenario, the 2nd best player ever in the NBA. LeBron James is a Mount Rushmore athlete, he’s right at the peak of his powers, and he isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Oh, and don’t forget, he still has the ability to flick the switch and become better!

Catch you Monday.