Hello Lazies.

Eighteen minutes, thats midway through the second quarter. An elimination Game 6, at home, and against the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs were 21-points ahead at that time, when James Harden finally took his first shot. The head chef of scoring took that long to pull the trigger for his team.

Harden finished the 114–75 blow out, shooting 2-of-11 for 10 points to go with seven assists. He attempted only two field goals in the first half and finished by fouling out with 3:15 remaining in the fourth quarter. The win was sealed by that point, but Harden never showed up anyway. His performance was so downright different from his typical style, that it’s impossible not to wonder if he had a severe injury, or contaminated in some way.

It will be a long and tough summer for James Harden, and his squad couldn’t have picked a more embarrassing way to end their season. To add to that, they’ll have to answer some tough questions about the talent they surround their lone star. This year was James Harden’s best season without a doubt, but will always be remembered with an asterisk.

Catch you Thursday.