Hello Lazies.

Last night was a big night for Russell Westbrook. Not only did he surpass Oscar Robertson’s 55-year-old single-season record with 42 triple-doubles, he also drained a 36-foot game winning shot to cap Oklahoma City’s rally from 13 points down against the Nuggets on Sunday night. Oh, and Westbrook finished the game with 50 points, 16 rebounds and 10 assists.

Robertson set his triple-double mark in 1961-62, when the NBA played at a breakneck pace that made racking up stats in the NBA a breeze. This was the same season Wilt Chamberlain had his, still not broken, 100-point game.

Coming into Sunday’s game, the Thunder were 32-9 in games where Westbrook recorded a triple-double. It shows that the Thunder ‘steam roll’ when Westbrook brings his all-rounded game.

Should we call him this years MVP? This definitely helps his case, but we’ll know who takes that crown, very soon.

Catch you Thursday.