Hello Lazies.

The Toronto Raptors narrowly escaped with a 106-100 victory, which squared up the round one playoff series against the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday night. This match up is building to become one of the most watched series in the NBA Playoffs. Reason why? We finally saw the future of the NBA, Giannis Antetokounmpo take over in his ‘first’ Playoffs series and he isn’t disappointing anyone.

Giannis destroyed Toronto in their first match up, however the game-changing versatility of Serge Ibaka was the main reason the Raptors crawled their way back into the series. Ibaka was brought to Toronto to modernize its system, and simply having him as a reliable option on the floor allowed the Raptors to make other necessary adjustments.

Having talent has taken the Raptors relatively far, but its flexibility, as a team, that has always been their core issue. Will they be ready for the next adjustment?

Catch you Monday.