Hello Lazies.

Can anyone stop the Golden State Warriors? The short answer is yes… but let me paint you a picture.

The Warriors swept the Portland Trail Blazers on Monday night and they looked like they were in cruise control. Kevin Durant resembled some type of rhythm after his week-long sabbatical, Stephen Curry got spicy, no focus was lost in aiming for the Conference Semifinals, and Draymond Green looked like a dominant box safety.

The Warriors are clearly peaking as they navigate through the Playoffs. To counteract, the only two teams, I believe, that can go toe-to-toe with Golden State are the Cleveland Cavaliers from the East, and Houston Rockets from the West.

The NBA has changed over the past 3 years. It’s changed into a 3-ball dynasty and the ‘throne’ is held by Golden State. That’s why LeBron James came out, demanding for shooters, and the Rockets have done exactly the same thing around James Harden. Both teams saw that if they wanted to compete this year, they needed shooters, and lots of them. If these teams can get hot and shoot, they can hang and compete against the Warriors.

Catch you Monday.