Hello Lazies.

It may be bonkers to talk about the possibility that Dallas may creep into the playoffs this year. That thought would’ve sounded crazy a little over a month ago, when the Mavericks owned the worst record in the NBA, but it isn’t as far-fetched now.

The team is just four games back of the eighth seed despite its 16-29 record and has played the NBA’s third-toughest schedule. Since Andrew Bogut hurt his hamstring on Jan. 9, the team moved Harrison Barnes to power forward and Dirk Nowitzki to center, and the results on offense have been amazing.

The Mavericks have also been incredibly lethal when Deron Williams gets a step on his defender and then fires a cross-court pass to a spot-up shooter. The Mavs have a whopping 107.1 percent effective field-goal rate off those looks — far higher than the league average of 59.6 percent off such passes. Just sayin’

Have a look at the full highlights from last nights game against the New York Knicks and see for yourself.

Catch you Monday.