Happy New Year Lazies.

2016 was a year of broken records and milestones. As we dribble into 2017, we take a look at the Bulls’ head coach, Fred Hoiberg, who’s currently occupying the NBA’s hottest seat and could be getting ‘the chop’.

According to ESPN, the Bulls have been concerned with the team’s responsiveness to its young coach and his hold on a veteran roster. The Bulls’ largely disappointing play in December and on the heels of a non-playoff season, has put Hoiberg under earlier-than-expected pressure. Is the new coach really the chief culprit for these struggles?

Maybe the Bulls have too many young players, or have a heap of injuries to their roster. Perhaps there’s a lack of competitive spirit throughout the team and the players won’t follow instructions. Needless to say, if this slump continues into 2017, the easiest change to make when things aren’t going as planned, is the coach.

Catch you Thursday.