Hello Lazies.

Doug McDermott, or the Bulls commentators like to call him ‘Dunkie McBuckets… 🤔’ has been a ghost in the NBA since entering in 2014. However, last night Dougie came out of the walls and scored a career high 31 points against the Grizzlies.

McDermott’s first two seasons with the Chicago Bulls were mostly underwhelming. Especially considering McDermott was a career 45.8 percent 3-point shooter in four seasons at Creighton. Its like the wood logs were in the fire pit for 2 years and the Bulls couldn’t find the match to light it up.

He has finally started to show his potential in the big league but could this be the beginning of a legitimate positive player for the Bulls? Let me know by tweeting @thelazynba and using the hashtag #thelazynba.

Catch you Thursday.